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little stars

For Kindergarten to 4th Grade. This is our youngest group for our fledgeling actors. Most have never tried theatre before. We focus on introducing singing, acting and dancing in manageable steps without overwhelming them. We teach them the basic aspects of stagecraft, and we play theatre games to reinforce those concepts. We aim for our "Little Stars" to get that theatre bug!


                                                                   The Wizard of Oz - October 2014

The Same Sky - March 2014                                                        The Same Sky - March 2014                                                               

See some video clips from The Same Sky

Upcoming Shows: 
* All shows pending royalty approval
Show Dates Where  Audition  

 We Are Monsters, a New Children's Musical
June 10,11,12 Auditions: TWT Studio 278 Great Rd, Acton
Show Venue: TWT Main Stage 278 Great Road, Acton
Tues Mar 15 6 PM - 7:30 PM
Sat Mar 19 9:30 AM - 11 AM

Upcoming Workshops When Where Cost

***Check out this video of our Little Stars***

It is about a documentary by Henry Nevison about the Andrea Green musical, On the Other Side of the Fence. The show was performed by Theatre with a Twist's Little Stars last March.

      Rockin Tale of Snow White  March 2012        Casts of Willie Wonka @ Octoberfest 2011                       Honk , Jr. Jan 2012

Past Shows Date
Jungle Book January 2011
Sleeping Beauty Spring 2011
Pinocchio June 2011
Willie Wonka, Kids November 2011
Honk, Jr. January 2012
Rockin' Tale of Snow White March 2012
The Redcoats are Coming April 2012
The Jellybean Conspiracy May 2012
Joseph and the Amazing Technocolor Dreamcoat May 2012
Mulan, Jr November 2012
On the Other Side of the Fence March 2013
Beauty and the Beast, Jr June 2013
Aladdin Jr. December 2013
The Same Sky March 2014
The Pirates of Penzance May 2014
Seussical Jr June 2014
The Wizard of Oz October 2014
Annie Jr. December 2014
Broadway with a Twist March 2015
Charlotte's Web March 2015
The Little Mermaid
June 2015
Jungle Book November 2015
Alice in Wonderland, Jr March 2016

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