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Theatre with a Twist, Inc.
is a non-profit corporation dedicated to providing a variety of theatre modalities such as musical theatre, improvisation, drama, and storytelling. We focus on the needs of ALL ages and have an educational component with each project. We enjoy putting a unique “twist” on each new project to ensure that each presentation is refreshing and original.

Theatre with a Twist has a strong commitment to the Acton and Metrowest Community and we pride ourselves in being involved with numerous charitable activities, such as the American Cancer Society, Americans for the Arts, and the American Red Cross.

Fall Registration Open

Registration is now open for the fall shows. To register click on the show name for a link to the registration form. More info about audition dates, show dates, and tuition can be found on each age groups page

Jungle Book, Kids - (Little Stars)
High School Musical - (Drama Club)
Around the World in 80 Days- (Broadway Bound & Inspiring Actors)
How the Other Half Loves- (Broadway Bound & Inspiring Actors) **Audition Only***


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 A testimonial...........  

Mary Spinosa-Wilson has her heart in the right place. She knows how to provide a loving, inspiring, stimulating musical theater experience for children. One in which they feel at ease exploring and ultimately leads them to many wonderful discoveries about themselves and others.

Mary does this with great attention and care given to the needs of every child, providing a safe, supportive atmosphere. Her program engages the creative process in a fun way, developing essential skills in acting, singing and dance, while building trust and self-esteem.

Mary's approach to teaching theater, brings out the absolute best in everyone.

Andrea Green: Playwright, music therapist

I think there comes a day in every parent’s life when they remember that once upon a time they, too, “had a life".    That day for me was when I was a back-stage helper at my daughter’s performance in Grease.   As I pulled the curtain open, (my designated job), I started to get teary-eyed.  The other parents thought it was because I was so smitten with how cute my daughter looked on stage, but it was really because I wanted to be out there singing and doing the Hand Jive too!  But how could I ever get back on stage (it had been 27 years since performing in high school – good grief!), and my plate was way too full being a lawyer, wife, mother, domestic engineer, chauffer, etc….   And besides, I had never taken singing or dancing lessons.  Sigh, the world of theater had passed me by.  Or so I thought... 

But Mary Spinosa-Wilson thought differently, and because of her vision, enthusiasm and not-so-gentle pushing, this past Spring, I played Lucy Van Pelt in Theatre with a Twist’s You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.  And when we took the show to the Northeast EMACT Competition in June, and I was in the spotlight belting out a love song to Schroeder, I knew that not only did I once again have “a life” (my Theatre with a Twist friends are like family), I had way more – I had the “old me” back. A standing ovation to Mary and Theatre with a Twist!

Gina Ghioldi, Attorney

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